Sunday, February 21, 2010

Janzen Seth Breakey

I got to keep JJ for a couple of hours yesterday and we had so much fun! He absolutely cracks me up, he walks around and plays and the whole time he gives a running commentary of what he doing, it is too cute. He loves to be outside, so we went outside and watched the birds, I showed him some ants working industriously, he ran and picked up leaves and grass and I let him pick a small bouquet of blooming rosemary to bring into the house. He is the light of my life. The thing about grandchildren is that you enjoy them in ways that you most often didn't, with your own kids. There is something about the freedom of not having the ultimate responsibility that enables you to let loose and enjoy these tiny humans beings that God has placed in your life. It literally takes my breath away to be a part of this circle of life. I can't wait for the next addition, and no, that isn't a hint in any way!

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