Wednesday, March 31, 2010

These miniature daffodils have come and gone now, but they were the brightest ray of sunshine as you came up our front walkway. It was especially nice because they were blooming at the at the point in the quarter where I wanted to bang my head against the nearest wall and cry like a baby.
But all of that is over now, grades are out and I maintained my 4.0 GPA. Yes! I actually received an 'A' from my English class. It was so totally backwards all quarter long, Math was easy and English was tough, really tough. I am very thankful that all my hard work paid off, there never seemed to be a guarantee of that.
I remember the first day of the quarter (and this should have been the writing on the wall) the professor's first words to the class were, "Pick up your homework on your way by my desk." She followed that up pretty quickly with, "After my class, all your other college classes are going to be easy." She was not kidding. But I lived, hopefully learned, and added more layers to the part of my character that needs to practice staying with something even when you can't see the end result.
On another note, it is Easter week (how did this happen?!?!) and I am looking forward to having the whole family here for Easter dinner. It will be fun to watch J hunt for Easter eggs this year. Pictures to come!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yesterday JJ came over to play. He is a precious bundle of joy and nearly unending energy. We went outside and saw a very hefty black and yellow bumble bee lumbering through the air; I was left to ponder aerodynamics, J wanted to follow it around and touch this fuzzy ‘fly.’ We watched in wonder as a helicopter (just like the ones he sees in his books!) moved across the sky with its distinctive 'thump, thump thump' sound. Like most kids, ‘ou’side’ is J's favorite place to be. Viewed through the wide eyes of a 22 month old child it opens up a world that tends to be forgotten once the vestiges of childhood are behind you. Soggy grass, rain, and chilly winds pose no deterrent, as a child you are completely unaware of these elements. ‘Outside’ is a veritable wonderland of delight with infinite possibilities for the imagination. J loves to watch the birds at the feeder, in the brambles, in the yard, anywhere they can be watched. He knows the names of the Junco, Chickadee, and seagull. It is so much fun to see knowledge upon knowledge being added to his information bank and amazing to think of all there is yet to learn! I am so grateful that I have a grandchild, it is an extension of having children and yet it is so profoundly different.

Friday, March 26, 2010

So, I made it through finals and lived to tell the story. It was a tough quarter but I made it. I was surprised to find that I was utterly exhausted the first day of Spring Break. I felt like I had run a marathon, and in a way, I guess I had. I feel a bit disoriented without the endless litany of classes, homework, and more classes.
Yesterday, Heather and I spent a significant amount of time trying to finish our 2009 scrapbooks. She finished, I didn't, but I am oh so close! I plan to finish before school starts up again on April 5th.
I am keeping JJ this afternoon so hopefully I will be able to get some good pictures and enjoy him without the guilt of feeling like I should be studying!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I needed to add something that made me smile for this particular day. I am in the throes of trying to complete my essay and I am a bit lost in Algebra. I hate having issues with Math, it makes me feel the frustration I had back when I was a kid. We are only spending two weeks in Algebra so I need to garner all I can from it. I am just frustrated, this too shall pass. I think that I am also feeling the pressure build as finals come closer, I don't want to stress, I just don't know how to avoid it completely.

At any rate, JJ makes me smile. I had him all of Saturday afternoon and into the evening, he is such a ray of sunshine! I was bummed because he doesn't call Maverick, 'Manic' anymore, which I always thought was adorable. We played hide-n-seek, played with his legos, went outside and picked up sticks and wondered around the yard. He loves to be outside and it was such a glorious day!