Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I made this sign recently and no, I didn't knit it. ;) I wish it was a better picture so you could see the antique finish I put on the (already antique) piece of wood. One wonders about that, doesn't one? Anyway, another thing you can't tell from the picture is that the piece of wood is actually curved which made it very interesting to figure out how to hang without it looking, well, dumb.

The wood is unique in that it used to be part of an old chair (which hopefully explains the odd shape) that has been in my family as far back as I can remember. Despite that, I deemed it no longer usable as a chair but definitely salvageable for my newest endeavor, making signs.

I spent quite a lot of time attempting to make the finish look antique and then it was just a matter of how to paint the letters on. This hobby is definitely in it's nascent stage and I am excited to see how I improve and progress.

I already have a large stash of antique wood, most of which used to be furniture just waiting for me to have the time and inspiration. Scott is starting to have some nagging worries about our remaining furniture.

 I wanted to start with a one-word sign so that I could work out the bugs that are inevitable with any new project. Because of the various issues that were unique to this piece of wood, I may do another one-word project on a more typical piece of wood. Then it is on to something more ambitious which I will be sure to share when it comes to fruition.

I am thinking it would also be cool to use old shingles or fencing.  Right about now Scott is very grateful that we have a block fence...