Wednesday, February 29, 2012

J and the Waterworks

This little guy is a real terrorist when it comes to the garden hose; He may not be tall but what he lacks in  height he makes up for with deadly aim. Once he figured out how to turn the hose on, there was no turning back. This particular day, he discovered the "mist" function and he had a blast soaking himself and anyone else who came within shooting distance.     

On another day he helped Me-Me wash her rig and it was toss-up who got the better wash job, Me-Me or the rig. At one point (AFTER he had soaked me) I turned around to find him in the suds bucket, sitting on the edge and scrubbing himself with the brush for the wheels. He's a very helpful and thoughtful little boy.

In the picture below you can see our other little terrorist, Maverick, our toy poodle. Janzen and Maverick are often partners and I am still unsure of which one of them plots their crimes.

And don't let this picture fool you, they both look innocent but looks can be oh-so-deceiving! This is probably immediately prior to their diabolical scheme to take over the neighborhood.

So, if you are minding your own business in your neck of the woods and you see these two coming your way, walk, don't run, to the nearest water shut-off or grab a large beach towel and prepare to have your second shower of the day!

NOTE: This is a blog post that I thought  I had lost! It is from the summer of 2010 and I thought it was worth posting.  =) For any of you who don't know this our grandson, Janzen.


  1. I am sure that J was shooting all the bad guys. I recall that he shot you too. Maverick was the spotter.

  2. Are you saying that I am one of the bad guys? Maverick wants you to THINK that he is only a spotter, but the truth is he is the INSTIGATOR!

  3. He is SO cute!!! Those chubby cheeks and sparkling eyes would let him get away with murder. :-)