Monday, March 8, 2010

I needed to add something that made me smile for this particular day. I am in the throes of trying to complete my essay and I am a bit lost in Algebra. I hate having issues with Math, it makes me feel the frustration I had back when I was a kid. We are only spending two weeks in Algebra so I need to garner all I can from it. I am just frustrated, this too shall pass. I think that I am also feeling the pressure build as finals come closer, I don't want to stress, I just don't know how to avoid it completely.

At any rate, JJ makes me smile. I had him all of Saturday afternoon and into the evening, he is such a ray of sunshine! I was bummed because he doesn't call Maverick, 'Manic' anymore, which I always thought was adorable. We played hide-n-seek, played with his legos, went outside and picked up sticks and wondered around the yard. He loves to be outside and it was such a glorious day!

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