Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yesterday JJ came over to play. He is a precious bundle of joy and nearly unending energy. We went outside and saw a very hefty black and yellow bumble bee lumbering through the air; I was left to ponder aerodynamics, J wanted to follow it around and touch this fuzzy ‘fly.’ We watched in wonder as a helicopter (just like the ones he sees in his books!) moved across the sky with its distinctive 'thump, thump thump' sound. Like most kids, ‘ou’side’ is J's favorite place to be. Viewed through the wide eyes of a 22 month old child it opens up a world that tends to be forgotten once the vestiges of childhood are behind you. Soggy grass, rain, and chilly winds pose no deterrent, as a child you are completely unaware of these elements. ‘Outside’ is a veritable wonderland of delight with infinite possibilities for the imagination. J loves to watch the birds at the feeder, in the brambles, in the yard, anywhere they can be watched. He knows the names of the Junco, Chickadee, and seagull. It is so much fun to see knowledge upon knowledge being added to his information bank and amazing to think of all there is yet to learn! I am so grateful that I have a grandchild, it is an extension of having children and yet it is so profoundly different.

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