Sunday, February 21, 2010

This was my idea of an artistic arrangement of my latest knitting projects. These days I have traded in my hat making skills for making bags. I found the pattern in a knitting book I received as a Christmas present. This picture shows three projects in various stages: the one with the bamboo handles is done, the purple one on top of that still needs to be sewed together, lined, and handles put on, the last one is merely a tidbit of chenille yarn knitted enough to see if I would like it as a bag (I would). It's kind of hard to see what all it is but it might be enough to give a person a notion.

The first bag was a learning process. I often find that patterns tend to assume a basis of knowledge: say, for instance, that you will actually know how to line a bag.I found that the 5 1/2" bamboo needles aren't big enough, it's the biggest size I could obtain locally so I will be ordering 9 1/2" ones on line. The pattern wasn't specific about which end to sew up, so I sewed the smaller end closed, but I think I would prefer the end that stretches out as you knit. At any rate, I learned from the process and I am hoping that I will like my second bag more than the first.

I love knitting, it is my obsession, particularly when my brain is overloaded and I feeling weary and worn out with school.

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