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March 21, 2006

" A man ought to read just as inclination leads him, for what he reads as a task will do him little good." ~ Samuel Johnson ~
The observation of people can be a fascinating way to pass time. I have always enjoyed sitting at the mall (airport, or anywhere people gather) and just observing people. The following are some of my observations and for "convenience sake" I will put it in the form of a LIST:
1.) Most people have no idea of what clothing flatters their body type. (HINT: If you are of the female persuasion, vertically challenged, and over the age of 35, NO mini-skirts allowed).
2.) Hair is another ominous black hole for many people. The clue here is that if your hairdresser recommends it and you hate her hair, ignore her.
3.) From all appearances, people are sadly lacking in the knowledge of how to raise well-behaved kids. (Anyone who knows me very well will be proud of my restraint here). Hey, if your kid is a brat and you don't want to listen to him then feel free to assume that I am going to feel the same way.
4.) Crowd control, is anyone in charge? I absolutely despise it when large crowds of people stand in the middle of aisles, completely blocking traffic, leaving you no recourse but to barge through or go around. And while I am at it, my pet Costco peeve: people who block the aisles so that they can eat the free samples. This is not a buffet people, it is intended that you try a sample and then actually buy the product, not eat the sample and move on to the next grazing station. (END RANT).
5.) Self contol, does anyone have it anymore? I aboslutely hate it when people fight and argue in public, it is so embarrassing. Do they really think that everyone wants to hear about thier lack of checking account balance? On the other side of that same coin, neither do I want to see obnoxious PDAs.
. 6.) Please for the love of all that is sacred, don't subject the whole world to your cell phone conversation. Many times we are captive audiences and we don't want to hear the saga of your entire pitiful life. Here is an example of what I mean: When I was still working at the Merv, I once had a woman come to the cash register, on her cell phone, and words were flowing like Niagara Falls. She had a huge stack of items she was purchasing. So while I stood there and rang up her purchases she talked on her phone the entire time, she never once uttered a word to me. I had completely finished ringing, bagging, and processing her credit card before she got off the phone. When she got off she then proceeded to inform me that she hadn't wanted some of the stuff. It's so annoying when you don't know you are supposed to be using your crystal ball.
8.) Manners, don't leave home without them. Some people seem to think that when there are large lines no one will notice or care if they cut in front of them. Are they nuts?!? I figure it is the fastest road to an old-fashioned lynching.
If you aren't in the habit of observing people, may I recommend it as a fairly cost effective form of entertainment. But always remember that when you are in stores (and places like that) there is usually someone observing you and they can see everything, they could literally count the hairs in your nostrils if they wanted to.

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